Bittersweet | Dayton Ohio Family Portrait Photographer

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to photograph another one of my favorite families whom I have  had the great pleasure of working with the last couple years.  This time however, the session was bit bittersweet for me.  You see, very soon they will be moving away to Chicago.  I’m so incredibly happy for them as this will be a wonderful and exciting opportunity for their family but, I am also a little sad as this may have been one of the last times I get to visit with and photograph them.  Although I surely hope not!  :)

It was very fitting that we decided to do this last session at the very place they began their family’s journey and began to raise their two beautiful and amazing children.  :)

Thank you H family for sharing your family with me these last couple years… and let me just say…  Chicago is one VERY lucky “duck”!  ;)

Lovely K / Dayton Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

So it was about 36 degrees outside with snow all over the ground and where am I?  Photographing another beautiful senior outdoors of course! :)  …and I wouldn’t of had it any other way!  In spite of the freezing temperatures and the chilly winds we experienced  the beautiful Miss K and her small entourage were all troopers and so fun to work with!  Thank you all for such an amazing time!